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                            Kelly and Jessica Landis

Kelly  began writing the melodies to the Psalms in 2004 while Jessica was in her womb.  Jessica has been surrounded with the Psalms all of her life!!  Now at 16, she  has finished composing the remaining chapters.  She has written the music for 64 chapters  and her mom has written for 86 chapters.  These Psalms bring peace to your soul!  "There are few means more effective for fixing God's word in the memory than repeating them in song.  Such song has a wonderful power, a power to banish gloom and foreboding that destroy courage and weaken effort.  It is one of the most effective means of impressing the heart with spiritual truth."   Messages to Young People, 291


"The Lord was ready to save me;  therefore we will sing my songs to the stringed instruments all the days of our life in the house of the Lord."   Isa. 38:20