Learn to sing all of the songs from the most ancient hymnal on earth.  In the center of God's library is the book of Psalms.  Besides David there are 7 other known contributors in authorship of this songbook, they are Moses, Solomon, Ethan, Heman, the sons of Korah and the sons of Asaph.  David was the most prolific writer.  It is written of him, "Who can measure the results of those years of toil and wandering among the lonely hills?  The communion with nature and with God, the care of his flocks, the perils and deliverances, the griefs and joys of his lowly lot, were not only to mold the character of David and to influence his future life, but through the Psalms of Israel's sweet singer, they were, in all coming ages, to kindle love and faith in the hearts of God's people, bringing them nearer to the ever-loving heart of Him in whom all His creatures live."                                     Patriarchs and Prophets, 642